Simulation and modeling of natural processes

What is this page about

This webpage does not cover the full course program but provides additional material and exercises related to the course.

Course topics

  • Introduction, definitions
  • Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations
  • Cellular Automata
  • The Lattice Boltzmann Method
  • N-Body Systems, Molecular Dynamics
  • Monte-Carlo methods
  • Discrete Events Simulations (DES)
  • Multiagents Systems
  • Complex networks

Theory, examples, methods and implementation (with python).

Pratical Information 2019

  • Professors: B Chopard, Jonas Latt, JL Falcone;
  • Room and schedule (theory): Battelle 404-407, Ve 12h30-14h;
  • Assistants : Thibault Robin, Francesco Marson;
  • Room and schedule (exercises): vendredi 14h-16h, Battelle 404-407;
  • Exam: oral (2/3) et TP (1/3); oral exam without documents
  • Teaching material: slides, lecture notes, articles, MOOC, website