Open Access Information

Journals in which we can publish open-access for free:

How to get open-access funded

- If researcher is SNF  funded, then by the SNF

- Otherwise, for young researchers, by UniGe:

How to add a preprint or post-print to an open archive

Find out about what you are allowed to do, for every journal:

- Consider UniGe's Archive: (click on submit a document)

- Additional possibilites are ArXiv and others


Data Repositories

- For open-source software, it is probably good to use the public GitHub or GitLab servers

- For data sets, consider Yareta:

Think about data formats, as standard as possible, as maintainable as possible.

HDF5 data format?


Additional information: Division de l'information scientifique. "Mardi de l'information",

Includes information on how to formulate a data management plan, DMP.