PhD Theses

Author Year Title Document
Christophe Charpilloz 2015 Analysis of large biological data: metabolic network modularization and prediction of N-terminal acetylation open access
Mohamed Ben Belgacem 2015 Distributed and multiscale computing for scientific applications open access
Ranaivo Razakanirina 2014 Dynamics on complex networks: application to abstract micro-economical models open access
Daniel Lagrava 2012 Revisiting grid refinement algorithms for the lattice Boltzmann method open access
Kae Tsunematsu 2012 New numerical solutions for the description of volcanic particle dispersal open access
Andrea Parmigiani 2011 Lattice Boltzmann calculations of reactive multiphase flows in porous media open access
Olivier Marcou 2010 Modélisation et contrôle d'écoulements à surface libre par la méthode de Boltzmann sur réseau open access
Jean-Luc Falcone 2008 Understanding signal sequences with machine learning open access
Bernhard Sonderegger 2007 The anâtaxis phylogenetic reconstruction algorithm open access
Davide Alemani 2007 A lattice Boltzmann numerical approach for modelling reaction-diffusion processes in chemically and physically heterogeneous environments open access
Jonas Latt 2007 Hydrodynamic limit of lattice Boltzmann equations open access
Hung Phi Nguyen 2007 Numerical simulations of the Lattice Boltzmann method for determination of hydrodynamic properties of fractal aggregates open access
Stefan Marconi 2003 Mesoscopical Modelling of Complex Systems PDF
Alexandre Dupuis 2002 From a lattice Boltzmann model to a parallel and reusable implementation of a virtual river PDF
Alexandre Masselot 2000 A new numerical approach to snow transport and deposition by wind : a parallel lattice gas model open access

M.Sc. Theses

Xavier Meyer 2011 Standard simplex study and implementation on GPUs (French) PDF
Daniel Lagrava 2006 Access to Satellite Image Metadata on the Grid PDF
Didier Baertschiger 2006 Multi-Processing Template Library (French) PDF


  • Extensive list of publications can be found : here


  • Ben Belgacem Mohamed and Bastien Chopard (2016), Muscle-HPC: a new High Performance API to couple multiscale parallel applications. Future Generation Computer Systems, 2016, DOI.
  • Aziza Merzouki, Orestis Malaspinas and Bastien Chopard (2016), The mechanical properties of a cell-based numerical model of epithelium. Soft Matter journal, V(12), pp:4745-4754, DOI, HTTP.


  • Ranaivo Razakanirina and Bastien Chopard, Risk analysis and controllability of credit market, in ESAIM: Proceedings and Surveys, vol. 49, pp. 91-101. 2015. DOI
  • Mohamed Ben Belgacem and Nabil Abdennadher: Towards a high level programming paradigm to deploy e-science applications with dynamic workflows on large scale distributed systems. In The 15th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGrid 2015). IEEE Computer Society, pp. 292-301. DOI.
  • Ben Belgacem Mohamed and Abdennadher Nabil (2015), “A high level framework to develop and run e-science applications on Cloud infrastructures”, IEEE HPCC 2015, New York, USA, August 24 – 26, 2015 DOI.


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  • J. Borgdorff, M. Mamonski, B. Bosak, K. Kurowski, M. Ben Belgacem, B. Chopard, D. Groen, P.V. Coveney, A.G. Hoekstra, Distributed multiscale computing with MUSCLE 2, the Multiscale Coupling Library and Environment, Journal of Computational Science, Available online 18 April 2014, ISSN 1877-7503. DOI HTTP
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