Digital Skills

Using the supercomputer Baobab

What to do after time spent on optimizing your code is still too slow? Or do you need huge amount of memory to run your program?

Desktop machines are not always powerful enough to solve the large problems researchers try to tackle. Fortunately the University provides the supercomputer Baobab when a researcher needs more computing resources. However you don't use this machine like you use your laptop.

This workshop will introduce you to Babobab. What is this machine, what it provides and how to use it. During the workshop you'll learn to write scripts to submit your own tasks with SLURM. After that, the participants will be qualified to connect to the machine and execute their own program on Baobab.


You should be familiar with the command line, like any Linux terminal, Terminal in macOS, or the Windows command line. You also need to have a Baobab account (can be created for the workshop).

Material needed

No material is needed as the room will be equipped with Desktop computers. However participants may come with their personal computer as long it can be connected to the network (i.e. University WiFi).

Date & Location

Date and location of the workshop will be communicated in a timely manner.