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Automated code testing

Do you lack of confidence in what your code is doing? Are you afraid to use or modify an old group/lab's code? How to ensure that your own code works as excepted?

Debugging is one the of most time consuming tasks for developers and software engineers. The code is not always working as expected and even with minor modifications, a complex or unknown code can easily be broken. Fortunately there exist approaches to detect bugs before a production run, or to ensure that future modifications will not break already existing features.

This workshop will show several approach to automatically test your code and what are the best practices when you're involved in any development project. What we'll show you apply whenever your working on a personal project or on a collaborative one. During the workshop you'll learn to write automatic tests for a small Python project.


The registration link has been sent to the eligible participants.

Even if the proposed date does not suit you, we suggest you to register as further session will be organized for this workshop.


You should have basic skills in programming. As Python will be used during the workshop, knowledge in Python would be a plus.

Material needed

No material is needed as the room will be equipped with Desktop computers. However participants may come with their personal computer as long the Python 3 interpreter is installed and the computer can be connected to the network (i.e. University WiFi).

Date & Location

The next workshop sessions are :

  • The 2019.11.28 from 13:15 to to 17:00
  • The 2019.12.05 from 13:15 to to 17:00
  • The 2019.12.19 from 09:15 to 13:00

Please note that as places are limited to max 20 participants, registration is mandatory. The available rooms will be communicated later. The registration link has already been sent to the eligible participants.


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