Scientific and Parallel Computing Group

 Groupe SPC (mai 2017)

The Scientific and Parallel Computing Group is a research-lab member of the Computer Science Department of the University of Geneva. It is located in the Battelle building.

The group has two main research activities. The first is the study of complex systems through the development of new numerical methods to model and simulate phenomena in natural science, economics, social systems and bio-medical scenarios. Cellular automata, Lattice Boltzmann and multi-agent techniques are the central tools used to address these questions. Parallel programs and algorithms are developed to implement the simulations on PC clusters in order to discover, explain or reproduce new phenomena.

The second domain of research activity is bioinformatics, which is undertaken in collaboration with the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. New classification methods and algorithmic techniques are developed to analyse signal sequences in proteins and to build large phylogenetic trees.


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