Speaker Title Date Documents
Nicolas Maisonneuve Specialisation is for insects Tuesday May 10, 2pm (Battelle I #301-2)
Prof. Young W. Kwo Multiscale and Multiphysics Modeling and Simulation Tuesday April 12, 10am (Battelle I #301-2) kwon_abstract.docx
Alexandros Kalousis Presentation of the IA group Thursday April 14, 3:30pm (Battelle I #301-2)
Orestis Malaspinas Large eddy simulations with the lattice Boltzmann method Thursday March 24, 3 pm (Battelle I #301-2)
Gholamhossein Bagheri Terminal velocity and aggregation in volcanic plumes: design of a vertical wind tunnel Tuesday March 29, 1 pm (Battelle I #301-2)
Andrea Parmigiani Soutenance de thèse: Lattice Boltzmann calculations of reactive multiphase fluid flows in porous media Fri February 4, 2pm
Christophe Charpilloz Introduction to metabolic network analysis Tue February 8, 10am
(Battelle I #301-2)
Jonas Latt and Roland Bouffanais Interaction fluide-structure en lattice Boltzmann pour la modélisation de l'oreille interne Friday February 11, 10am
(Battelle I #301-2)
Jonas Latt Utilisation du Wiki SPC Tue January 25, 10am
(Battelle I #301-2)
Jean-Luc Falcone GIT pour la gestion de versions Tue January 18, 10am
(Battelle I #301-2)
Roland Bouffanais Hydrodynamics of cell-cell mechanical signaling in the initial stages of aggregation Tue January 11, 10am
(Battelle I #301-2)