Internal Presentations (2016)

Speaker Title Date Abstract
Helen Morrison Burial and scour of cylinder shaped objects at the bottom of the ocean January 14, 14h (Batelle Bât A, salle 301-2) morrison_abstract.pdf

Internal Presentations (2014)

Speaker Title Date Abstract
Michel Deville CDNS or LES, that is the question October 22, 14h (Batelle Bât A, salle 432) deville_abstract.pdf

Past Presentations (2013-2014)

Speaker Title Date Documents
Mohamed Ben Belgacem Panoramic image stitching November 17, 12h45 (Battelle I #432) HTTP
Ranaivo Razakanirina Uncertainty Quantification (UQ), Bayesian approach July 31, 10h (Battelle I #301) thesis_exam_razakanirina.pdf
Yann Thorimbert Virtual Wave Flume and Oscillating Water Column modelled by LBM May 20, 9h30 (Battelle I #214) abstract_thorimbert_fr.pdf, abstract_thorimbert_en.pdf
Jan Krause Advection-diffusion anisotropic model for platelet transport in intracranial saccular aneurysms 31.01.2014) krause_abstract.pdf
Mingzi Zhang Manufacture-oriented Struts Structure Optimization of Flow Diverter for Intracranial Aneurysm 24.1.2014 zhang_abstract.pdf
Jimmy Dubuisson The Topology of Semantic Knowledge 17.01.2014 abstract_dubuisson.pdf
Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas Investigating historical migration routes between Polynesia and South America 20.12.2013 abstract_as_malaspinas.pdf
Jonas Latt Programmation du processeur Intel Xeon Phi 6.12.2013 abstract_latt.pdf, presentation
Pierre Kunzli Simulation parallèle de particules dans un champ d'advection appliqué au transport de tephra volcanique 29.11.2013 abstract_kunzli.pdf (français), abstract_kunzli.pdf (english)
Gregor Chliamovitch Un formalisme assez général pour l’étude des systèmes complexes 8.11.2013 abstract_chliamovitch.pdf, slides_chliamovitch.pdf
Federico Brogi 3D Lattice-Boltzmann strategies: New insights into Volcanic Jet Dynamics and Infrasound 18.10.2013 abstract_brogi.doc, slides_brogi.pdf
Aziza Merzouki EpiPhysX - Toward a numerical model of epithelium development in 3D 27.09.2013 abstract_merzouki.docx, slides_merzouki.pdf

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