Course Feb 8 - Feb 10 2010: Developing lattice Boltzmann programs with Palabos. University of Geneva, Switzerland

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The open-source C++ library Palabos was developed as part of the documentation project to facilitate the development of lattice Boltzmann simulations and the exchange of codes between research groups. It makes it possible to write a full-featured lattice Boltzmann simulation with little effort, as many of the most common models are pre-implemented, including BGK, MRT, and RLB models, and coupled systems for the simulation of multi-phase flow and thermal convection. The abilities of the library include massive parallelization for high performance runs, the generation of complex domains for flows through porous media, or a sparse-memory description of geometries in fields like medical physics. More details are provided on the Palabos website, .

This three days course provides a beginner's introduction to Palabos, taught by the authors of this library and by experts in the field of lattice Boltzmann. The course is predominantly practical, and the participants will develop actual programs with Palabos. After two days of general theory and practice, the participants can discuss the possibility of applying Palabos to their own domain of interest and to start an individual project.

The first day consists of a general introduction to the lattice Boltzmann method and to programming techniques used to implement lattice Boltzmann models. This day is optional and may be skipped by participants already familiar with this topic. Registration fees are however the same, no matter whether the 2-day or the 3-day option is chosen.

Basic programming knowledge is required for this course. C++ knowledge is not required but is an advantage.


The registration fee for the course is 150 Swiss Francs (approximately 100 Euro). This fee covers a 2-day or 3-day theoretical and practical training, a print-out of the course notes, access to computing equipment at the University of Geneva, and coffee and cakes. Accommodation, meals, and venue to the course are not included in the price and are left to the responsibility of the participants. Recommended hotels can be found in the section Practical aspects.

Course registration is closed. To check for a last-minute registration possibility, please send an e-mail to


The course is taught on February 8, 2010 for the 3-day option, and on February 9 and 10 for the 2-day and the 3-day option. Mornings are devoted to theory classes and afternoons to practical hands-on sessions.

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Practical aspects


Youth hostel (probably the cheapest rooms in Geneva, but in dormitories) :

Rooms for short time periods can also be found on the following website :

Other hotels can be found through the tourism office web site


The course will take place at the Computer Science Department of the University of Geneva, Switzerland, Battelle Campus, in Carouge.

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Participants have the possibility to attend the practice sessions with their own laptop. Bringing a personal laptop is however optional, because access to workstations at the University of Geneva is granted.


Geneva is close to big ski resorts in the French Alps. The following links can be helpful to participants who plan to pursue snow activities before or after the course.