Open source projects created at SPC


Palabos is a comprehensive library for lattice Boltzmann fluid simulations. Behind an object-oriented interface, it provides a straightforward way to handle complicated data structures in C++, including the use of complex geometries and parallelism.


The Thrombus project aims at modelling the thrombosis formation process. A great variety of simulation have been run for patient specific geometries. Upon request the codes (developed are based on the Palabos library) can be obtained. For more information contact:


The MPTL (Multi-Processing Template Library) extends the C++ Standard Template Library to enable automatic parallelization of algorithms on shared-memory machines. It can be viewed as a modern version of the OpenMP standard, adapted to the style of modern C++ programs.

N-genes 2

N-genes 2 is a powerful Genetic Algorithms and Programming toolkit written for Java 6. Using advanced object oriented techniques, like generics and introspection, makes it one of the simplest systems to learn and use. Its design allows fast coding and a total flexibility.


Vladymir is a library for C++ that defines a multi-dimensional Matrix datatype resembling the array in Matlab. It enables an efficient array-based programming style and is automatically parallelized for massively parallel machines (e.g. PC clusters), based on a data parallel model.