Dokuwiki FAQ


What is the Dokuwiki syntax ?

The syntax is described here. If you want to try and to experiment, just use the playground.

You can use the interwiki link syntax with [[wp>...]], replacing the elipsis with the wikipedia name page. For example if you want to link the Ludwig Boltzmann page, your can use [[wp>Boltzmann]] which will be processed in Boltzmann.

You can link other sites too. Here a short list:

Abbreviation Site Example
wp Wikipedia Boltzmann
man Unix man pages sort
go Google feelin' lucky search cookie monster
Acronym Acronym finder TLA

This list can be completed, just ask.

What are the Dokuwiki Plugins installed ?

The installed (and working) plugins are:

Box Plugin

Draws nice boxes around text. Example:

<box 50% center blue|Example of box>the box contents</box>

Example of box

the box contents

Full syntax.

Page Management

How to add a new page ?

Two methods:

  1. Preferred method: In an page which already exists, you add a link to the page you want to create. Then you follow the link (which will be red) and you click on the create this page button.
  2. In your browser location bar, write the path of the page you want to create. For example, if you want to create a page named foo_bar, type: Then you'll need to click on the create this page button.

How can I create a page restricted to the group members ?

Just create a page which begins by private: like, for example private:moulage_de_schtroumpf. This will create a page visible only to the logged users.

How to remove a page ?

Remove all the content.

How to rename a page ?

Create a page with the new name, and copy the content. Instead of erasing the old page, it is better to replace the content by:

This page has been moved to [[new_name]]

You can easily find the pages referencing the old page, by getting to the old page and clicking on the page name appearing at the top right of the page.


Can I convert an existing html page to Dokuwiki ?

Sure, you can use the HTML::WikiConverter. You need to paste your html source code in the first text area and set the Wiki dialect field to Dokuwiki. Then you can copy-paste the resulting in a wiki page.

The conversion is not perfect, so verify the new page.

Can I use dokuwiki to generate an html page ?

You can generate plain and clean html page without header, footer or sidebar. Just add the page to the wiki and access it adding ?do=export_xhtml to the url.

For example, to see the html version of this page, click on

I cannot upload big files !

For security reasons (not totaly unrelated to some well known threats) the upload size is limited to 15MB. If you absolutely need to upload bigger files, contact the admin guys.