Computing resources

You can find more information about High Performace Computing in the University of Geneva at

The state and current load of some of the machines can be monitored with ganglia (only intranet).

Cluster Systems


Scylla is a cluster of 20 nodes composed of a bi-processor of six cores each (Xeon Westmere), and 8 nodes composed of a bi-processor of 8 cores each. Thus the machine has a total of 368 cores. A tutorial (in French) on its usage can be found here.


Baobab is composed of 56 nodes of Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs with 16 cores each, with a a fast inifiniband interconnection. The total available memory is of 3.5TB of RAM. Its use is intended for the whole University. A documentation on the cluster's use can be found here and a more detailed description there.


Myrinet is a cluster of 32 bi-processor nodes. The processors are Intel Xeon at 2.8 GHz and the interconnection is a myrinet interface. It is intended for the whole University.

Myrinet network interface

Shared Memory Systems


whales refers to two 32-CPU / 64 GB memory Sun machines of the CUI.


OpenMP is a 4-processor shared-memory system. Each processor is an Intel Xeon at 2.2 GHz. OpenMP has 32 GB of RAM. This machine was acquired for Lab courses, but can be used freely in the intervals between practicals.

OpenMP machine

Museum Pieces


Euler is a SUN Enterprise 10000, configured with 24 CPU UltraSPARC 400 MHz CPU (8 MB of cache) and 20 GB of shared RAM. Although the processors are slow, the fast interconnection and the large amount of available memory make this machine perform well when executing shared-memory programmes.

Euler has been taken down.

The machine was administrated by the “Division Informatique” (university computers administration), the contact person is Dominique Petitpierre.


Connection Machine

We are the proud owners of a CM-2 Connection Machine. Although we do not use it anymore for computing, we try to maintain it in good conditions.

Connection Machine


Poulailler is a cluster of 52 nodes. Each node is an Intel Pentium 4 at 1.5 GHz. It is specifically for the SPC group.

Poulailler Cluster

Photo credits: Université de Genève, Jacques Erard, except cm200.jpg and euler.jpg.