Blood Flow

Simulation of blood flow is a very interesting application for research in lattice Boltzmann simulations. The focus of research is specifically on blood flow in blood vessels with an aneurism. An aneurism is a medical condition with often very grave consequences that affects between one to five percent of the population in Europe. A form of treatment is to insert a stent in a blood vessel at the location of an aneurism, with the intention to change the flow of blood in that region. Under the new circumstances, the body can hopefully repair the damage, or at least the treatment may prevent rupture of the aneurism. The simulation of blood flow would be a very valuable tool to evaluate the effect of treatment before it is carried out on the patient.

The SPC group of the CUI has been involved in blood flow research for a number of years, in cooperation with the HUG, and has contact with many other groups in the field. With the start of the Thrombus and @neurIST project, many of these contacts have recently become partners as well.


The research topics are mostly dominated by the Thrombus project, a very large EU-funded project by a consortium of mostly European universities and companies. The Thrombus project aims to provide the means to make accurate predictions on the risks for individuals regarding aneurisms. The SPC is leader of the workpackage 4, Multiscale Numerical Simulations.

This project is the sequel and evolution of @neurist, a completed European project, in which the SPC was heaviliy involved.

Involved persons